| Quality measurement


Evaulation of the quality of the product.
The quality of the product has a dominant role and is a crucial factor of company development. TOPOS TOVARNÍKY, Inc. has inspection zones directly in production and has built an air – conditioned Inspection and Measurement Center a high quality level of measurement of the product ,equipped with the latest measuring equipment,as follows:
  • Three dimensional device DEA Global Performance, work. range 500/1000/700 mm
  • Mobile 6-axis 3D measurement device Romer Absolute Arm 7535,work. range 3,5 m
  • Contour -graph MAHR
  • Roughness measurement device Mitutoyo SJ-301
  • Coating Thickness layer measuring device SONACOAT F
  • Hardness measurement device BRINELL BL 1-2
  • Hardness measurement device BRINELL HPO 3000
  • Hardness measurement device HRC CV 600A
  • Hardness measurement device VICKERS LM 700 AT
  • Other communal measurement device : digital altimeter, digital cavity-meters, digital micrometers, pasameters etc.