Introducing TOPOS, a thriving modern business that is a significant source of success for all privies. It creates for its employees and their families the environment of security, social background, the possibility of financial and personal growth.The most valued asset of the company is the loyalty, creativity, expertise and precision of its people. Everyone knows the vision and strategy of the company.

By everyday work, strict job fulfillment, active and creative approach to needs of the company they prove that they are associating with it and are proud to work there. Changes are perceived as a part of their everyday life, employees suggest them themselves and implement them flexibly.There is a leader at the head of the company who knows how to achieve working with people who are better than himself. By his behavior and action, he raises support and loyalty. He realizes that real human values ​​cannot be bought. He does not look at the people they are, but who they might be. He encourages self-confidence in people, motivates them to achieve their goals. He is constantly developing himself and represents an ideal for his co-workers.

Management is made up of skilled managers who achieve strategic goals through the management of people in a synergistic organization. They work as a powerful team whose main job is to involve employees in processes. They are the leaders of their teams, and are responsible for the development of the assigned areas and employees. They know that in the first place they are responsible for the company’s results that the error is not a mistake if they learn from it. They honor the value of a person, support his performance, trust, commitment, loyalty and teamwork. They motivate him to fulfill ever more challenging goals and tasks. They create the conditions for education and training and using their own abilities and skills. They learn from the successes of others. With honest recognition, they stimulate and shape the attitudes of colleagues. An efficient organizational structure contributes to excellent vertical and horizontal communication. A competent and willing staff team ensures the production of quality products in the required time and quantity. Investing in their development and innovative technologies brings company greater interest and satisfaction to their customers. The key to their success is the customer.


TOPOS is a modern, prosperous company
representing a significant source of success for all privies:

for employees
a source of resources for meeting their own needs and means of exercising their capabilities

for the customer
quality, inventive, reliable, flexible partner, and by that guarantee of customer needs

for shareholders
permanent source of income



JUDr. Lukáš Mucha
chairman of the board

Ing. Emil Mucha
member of the board


JUDr. Lukáš Mucha
Chief Executive Officer

Ing. Emil Mucha
Operations Director

Martina Košíková
Financial Director

Pavol Jakubík
Sales Director

ISM representative


The history of the company dates back to 1947, when the first workshop for the repair of agricultural machinery was established. Qualified experience in the field of metalworking was acquired by incorporation into the Slovak metallurgical plants (1962) and the ZŤS group (1978). The new company “Topoľčianske strojárne”, the predecessor of the current Topos, came into being by privatisation in 1992. The last years were marked by many changes. Substantial change occurred in 2004, when the majority shareholder became METALCHEM spol. s.r.o.


Establishment of the first repair machine shop for the repair of agricultural machinery


Incorporation into Slovak metallurgical plants, š.p.


Integration into the ZŤS Group, š.p.


Establishment of a separate enterprise ZŤS, š.p. Topoľčany


The origin of “Topoľčianske strojárne, a.s. Tovarníky” as a result of the privatization process


Origin of TOPOS Tovarníky, a.s.


Company TOPOS TOVARNÍKY, a.s. has an established and maintained Integrated Management System (IMS). Through it the management undertakes to meet the requirements of the quality management system / STN EN ISO 9001 / and the environmental management system / STN EN ISO 14001 /. A permanent goal in the field of management systems is to increase their effectiveness through implemented optimizations.

At the same time, the company declares quality in the special welding processes of welded steel structures, machinery and equipment – by meeting the requirements of standards:
STN EN ISO 3834-2 / ​​Quality Management System in Welding /

Environmental proposals or incentives from the public
in the field of environment can be sent to


The person ensuring compliance and forming a connection with the public and employees in connection with the protection of personal data is the Law Office of JUDr. Zuzana Čížová, s.r.o.