Our company manufactures components for agricultural machinery and hydraulic equipment. We are the supplier for many world-class companies of reputable names. We are based on the rich tradition of engineering in Slovakia and in the Topolcany region.

Components for agricultural machinery
Welded groups and components for tractors, trucks, construction machines and other mechanisms. Production takes place on modern, computer-controlled machines for material separation, material processing and welding. The division also includes a heat treatment line.

Components for hydraulic equipment
Construction machines and other parts, with emphasis on mechanical machining. Production takes place on CNC machines as well as single-purpose machines.


The centre of our attention is the customer. Through the projection and production, delivery is directed to the client. The projection prepares the construction and technological documentation for the production of details of parts and machining tools for cutting and welding.

Designers work with software which enables 3D modeling of parts and creation of drawing documentation. Technologists use a modern CAM system, along with the creation of technological documentation and NC and CNC machine programming. The goal is to reduce the production time of the parts produced, eliminate the risk of programming errors and increase overall productivity.

Achieving our goals is reached by managing people with a synergy effect. The most valuable exchange is the responsibility and precision of employees.
We appreciate independence and creativity, opening up space for their self-realization.



  • Shear CNTA 2000/4
  • Sawing machine Bomar GA 330NC
  • Sawing machine Lexas
  • Sawing machine ARG290
  • Sawing machine Kasto
  • Messer Multitherm ECO
  • Trulaser 3030 + Trulaser 3030 with rotolase
  • Tube bending machine XOTH 114 T
  • Sheet-bending machine XOM 2000
  • Press-Brake – CNC TRUBEND 5320
  • Hydraulic press PYE 100
  • Manual arc welding in a protective atmosphere
  • 6 axis welding robot ABB
  • CNC Center lathe NL 1500 SMC – MORI – SEIKI
  • CNC Center lathe NL 2500 MC – MORI – SEIKI
  • Vertical machining center NV 5000 a1B/40 MORI – SEIKI
  • Horizontal machining center SH – 403 MORI – SEIKI
  • CNC Center lathe SBL 500
  • NC Center lathe SPR 100
  • Horizontal boring machine WH 10 CNC
  • Horizontal boring machine WHQ 13
  • Automatic lathes
  • Classical lathes
  • Horizontal milling machines
  • Vertical milling machines
  • NC drilling machine WXR
  • Classical drilling machines
  • Cylindrical grinders
  • Surface grinders
  • Internal grinders
  • Shape profile broaching machine


Product quality has a dominant position and is a decisive factor in the company’s development. To ensure a high level of product quality measurement, TOPOS TOVARNÍKY a.s. built an air-conditioned Control Center and control zones directly in the production equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices.

  • Three dimensional gauge DEA Global Performance, working range 500/1000/700
  • Mobile 6-axis 3D measuring arm Romer Absolute Arm 7535, working range 3.5 m
  • Contorgraph Perthometer MAHR
  • Roughness tester Mitutoyo SJ-301
  • Coating thickness gauge SONACOAT F
  • Other communal gauges: digital altimeters, digital cavity meters, digital micrometers, pasameters, etc.


Certificate STN EN ISO 9001
Quality management system

Certificate STN EN ISO 14001
Environmental management system

Certificate STN EN ISO 3834-2
Quality Management System in Welding